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Aim to be an auto body part maker that races 
ahead of the world with original technology.


Global Overseas Expansion

Japanese domestic automobile sales peaked
in 1990 with 6 million vehicles sold.
In the following 20 years, sales have
tended to either crawl sideways or decline,
and at this point, considering the country’s
declining birthrate, we don’t expect to see
the numbers rise anytime soon. However,
if we turn our attention overseas,
we see a situation different from that of
Japan-countries that are just starting
the process of motorization.
In Delhi, India in 2006, we began our advance
into overseas markets.
Subsidiary BACI has expanded its scale of
business beyond the initial plans,
and is in a position where it can grow
and expand for a long time.
For the future, our primary client,
Suzuki (Inc.), is expected to accelerate
its overseas expansion with a focus on
Southeast Asia.
Our company is moving its global expansion
forward as well, with an eye on our
next production base.

Pursuit of Manufacturing Technology

Right now, the most sought-after
thing in the automobile industry
is the development of environmentally
friendly vehicles. Energy conservation,
increased gas mileage, lower CO2
emissions and the development of engine
technology towards those ends, as well
as the overall reduction of vehicle
weight are the tasks set before us.
As the top maker of auto body parts,
we are aggressively focusing research
and development efforts on manufacturing
technologies for more light-weight
materials such as titanium, magnesium,
and hyper-tensile steel plating,
and we are making progress with and
obtaining substantial, steady results
from various research collaborations
with the University of Tokyo’s Graduate
School of Engineering, the Toyohashi
University of Technology’s Production
System Engineering Group,
and the Mechanical Engineering Group of
Shizuoka University’s Department of

Flexible Production System

In order to come out on top in the
global competition to get more
serious about emerging countries
and the fluctuations of the customers’
needs and demands, we aim to put
together a Flexible Production
System (FPS), a general production
system that will respond flexibly
and rapidly to all these changes,
and we will work incessantly to reform
and improve it.

An Environmentally-Friendly Enterprise

The 20th century was one of war and
environmental destruction, and the
development of human society had a
negative influence on the environment.
For the 21st century, human kind has
an obligation to put the brakes on
environmental destruction and engender
its rehabilitation. In our company’s
efforts to improve the environments,
we have earned ISO14001 certification
and, via our environmental committee,
we are making progress at reducing
industrial waste, promoting recycling
and reducing CO2 emissions through
promotion of energy conservation.
Moreover, as a maker of auto body parts,
we take it as our mission to make free
use of our technology development
power and aggressively pursue the
manufacture of environmentally
friendly vehicles.