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Product planning

We use a "design-in" system from the development step through assembly to ensure the "low cost production of high quality, high performance parts." Our engineers work with the R&D staffs of our clients, contributing valuable
suggestion throughout the flow of production.
Production engineering research
Research to ensure the stable supply of the highest quality parts comes first. Next is research into how to reach the lowest cost-by achieving the highest efficiency. Because we need to meet the demands of the modern era, we have been
making aggressive advancements in basic
research. We combine feedback from each of our
areas of work with our own research results to increase our overall capability.
As an innovator, Bellsonica deals regularly with a variety of development themes. We do not limit our development activities to our own facilities.
We engage in cooperative research with a university Manufacturing Studies Department.
The collaborative research effort is producing excellent results in fields of producing sharply angled parts and parts with complicated shapes.