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From a cost reduction standpoint, fully automated transfer and progressive stamping are the necessary main production processes. By improving these technologies even further, Bellsonica intends to remain a leader in top level press processing.


[3000 ton transfer press machine]
Fully automatic from the raw material stage through finishing.

Press machine data

3,000t transfer press machine 2
1,200t transfer press machine 1
800t transfer press machine 1
300t transfer press machine 1
Auto press line / 800t+400t+400t+400t (2,000t total) 1
Auto press line / 500t+300t+300t+400t (1,500t total) 1
Auto press line / 400t+300t+300t+300t (1,300t total) 1
Tandem press line / 300t+200t+200t+200t 1
800t blanking press 1
250t auto press machine 1
200t auto press machine 5
150t auto press machine 2
75t auto press machine 2
55t compact press machine 1

[N-line press machine]

Samples of parts produced by our deep drawing process.